Älgbergets History

Family Johansson

The dachshund Eddie is the first one to welcome you to Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast. Älgbergets Bed & breakfast opened 2009 by the Johansson family that consists of mom Maria, dad Morgan and their three sons Emil, Anton and Albin. Our family business also conducts forestry and construction. The heating of the facility is done by wood chips from our own woods, we also have solar panels that help heat our water. More locally produced is hard to find! 

The farm is a classic farm from the 40s. It was originally a milk farm and was in use until the 90s. Then it got sold as a horse farm. Later the farm was run as a school and living for youths that for some reason could not live at home. It was a classroom in stalllägenheten and before that it was a cow stable. Bagarstugan is the main house from the 19th century. Gather your family and book a stay here on Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast. 


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