From Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast there is a walking distance to the lake Hällungen. There you can find a lot of fish species, some easier to catch than others. Hällungen is 8 km long and has steep mountainsides surrounding it. An incredibly beautiful place to spend a day while you get the chance to fish. There are a lot of small beaches around the lake where you can stop by with your boat and relax in the water for a while. 

Fish species 

In Hällungen there is a lot of different fish species, for example trout, perch, pike, salmon trout, tench, eel, bream and more. 


Boats and fishing gear 

You can rent boats from us, it costs 550 kr a day and we offer three types of boats. Do you need gear? Everything that you will need for a day out fishing you can find at Björns Fiske & Jakt in Stenungsunds centrum at Strandvägen 14.  

Fishing rules 

If you want to fish you will need a fishing card, this you can buy here at Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast. A day card costs 100 kr and a year card costs 200 kr.  

Fishing methods  

You can fish from the beach edge and from boats, but the fishing is done best on boats. Why not rent one of our SUP boards, lie on your stomach, angling and enjoy the lovely nature. You can fish all year, and when the lake is covered with ice it is a perfect way to pull nice perches.