At Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast there is always things to do!

Here you can do... 

During your visit at Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast there are a lot of activities to do. Here on the fram you can for example play billiards, rent the sauna, hike in our big forest and get the chance to see multiple wild animals like wolves, foxes, moose, deer, rabbits and lynx. Hike up in the forest along the lovely paths to Älgberget, sit down and take in the beautiful view that stretches to Marstrandsfästning. Why don’t you bring a basket to collect mushrooms when it is season or eat some blueberries and cranberries while you relax in the quiet forest. At Älgbergets there are a lot of beautiful views, watch cows, calves and horses that run around on the fields. Nearby you can find both small and big beaches where you can swim, jump and have fun with family or friends. We also have a lot of barbecue areas that everyone is welcome to use. 

If you like fishing you nearby can find the lake Hällungen, rent a boat from us and relax on the quiet lake while you are angling. In Hällungen there is trout, perch, pike, salmon trout, bream, eel and more. There are many small beaches around the lake where you can stop by and take a swim. More about the fishing you can find under fishing. 


Renting a boat from us costs 550 kr a day, we offer three different types of boats. We also rent out canoe, that costs 250 kr a day. 

SUP boards are also available for rent, 250 kr for 4 hours or 450 kr for the whole day.  

If you want to fish you need a fishing card, you can buy it here at Älgbergets Bed & Breakfast. Day card costs 100 kr and a year card costs 200 kr. 

utsikt älgberget
Älgberget utsikt